4 Different Fitness Plans to Lose Weight
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4 Different Fitness Plans To Lose Weight

As you get older, your motivation to stay in shape may lessen. It’s important to remind yourself that exercising and eating right shouldn’t be done only to look good, but to live an overall healthy life. Nonetheless, we all want to look good, right? More often than not, when the summer season arrives, the majority of people crumble under pressure to lose weight quickly and resort to desperate measures such as dieting, fasting, and maybe even undergoing expensive surgeries. What they do not understand is that weight loss through quick fixes is temporal and once they resume their usual routine, the weight comes back very easily.

Sustained weight loss requires a lifestyle change. Changing your life requires planning. As the saying goes “failing to plan, is planning to fail. Below are 4 fitness training plan options to choose from this summer.

1) A Diet Fitness Plan

A diet fitness training plan is a plan where your greatest focus is directed towards managing your diet. This is because no matter how many exercise programs you engage in, you cannot be able to successfully lose weight and keep it off until you are able to monitor what you are consuming.

The number of calories you consume is dependent on the type and amount of food you consume in a day. For this reason, your diet fitness training plan should include

  • A schedule of when you eat (Ex: 7 o’clock breakfast, 10 o’clock tea/snack, lunch, 4 o’clock snack and dinner before 9 pm)
  • A list of different types of drinks and food to consume; this includes more than 6 glasses of water a day and a well -balanced diet consisting of proteins, starch, oils and vitamins spread out throughout the day. It is recommended that during the main meals, you eat half a plate of vegetables, quarter plate starch, and quarter plate proteins, which should be accompanied by fruits and nuts.

2) Cardio Fitness training plan

Cardio fitness training plan or aerobic fitness training plan is a plan that focuses more on the heart rate and testing endurance. This plan is perhaps the most efficient and ideal for losing weight because it does not only generate rapid results but also takes a relatively short time to complete. Your cardio fitness training plan should include:

  • A list of regular physical exercises including jogging, walking, and cycling, etc. a schedule of different types of endurance activities including walks, jogs, cycling, snow shoveling, and dancing, etc., a schedule of the amount of time to engage in aerobics; ideally, the plan should include a two and a half hours of moderate endurance activity each week and twenty minutes of vigorous endurance activity every week. All these activities should be spread out throughout the week.

For effective results, monitor the number of calories you consume and burn daily.

3) Strength Fitness Training Plan

A strength fitness training plan is the perfect plan for you if your definition of a great summer physique is firm abs and big triceps and biceps. The plan focuses more on building your muscular fitness, maintaining your muscle mass and increasing your bone strength. Your strength fitness training plan should include a schedule of the workouts (2-3 hours workout) and schedule of different strength training activities; from pull-ups and pull-downs exercises to weight lifting.

4) Core Fitness Training Plan

A plan that is popular among both men and women, core fitness training plan focuses on specific muscles of the body namely the core muscles (pelvis, abdomen and lower back). This is the type of plan you can comfortably do in the privacy of your home. Your core fitness training plan should highlight a schedule of different core training exercises such as abdominal crunches.

If you need to know how to lose weight fast, don’t resort to the methods that won’t sustain results, make a plan, and follow it. As you work on achieving healthy body weight and physique over the summer, it takes more than a few pills to keep the weight off. Work on your fitness plan and the plan will work for you!

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