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Pros and Cons of Losing Weight Through Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis can be used successfully as a way to achieve your weight loss goals. However, care must be taken to make sure that it is right for you given your particular circumstances. A number of questions will arise such as: could I lose control of my mind, are there any negative residual effects, will my doubts override my desire to lose weight, are there more than one self-hypnosis training methods I should consider, etc. are some of the questions.

There are many promoters of audio and videotapes representing fast weight loss through self-hypnosis and many people have reported relatively swift and permanent results. A host of training materials for all sorts of undesirable addictions and phobias can be dealt with by self-hypnosis and perhaps best explained how in this video. Many myths surround hypnosis and being educated is an important first step in your decision-making process. It is important to know that for many, a more comprehensive weight loss regime and not just relying solely on self-hypnosis as a swift cure may be necessary. A study conducted by Vanderbilt University was critical of most Self Hypnosis Weight Loss strategies offered on the Internet but did indicate that there were some web sites offering what appeared to them to be legitimate weight loss programs involving self-hypnosis.

Here we provide reviews and rankings of self-hypnosis web sites to save you time and useful information via links to relevant information that you should find helpful in your decision whether to use self-hypnosis as a weight reduction solution, when diets and pills have not worked for you or if you are considering self-hypnosis as your first attempt at weight loss.

The good news is that weight loss through self-hypnosis is generally considered safe when you have been properly trained and advised by someone who is qualified to train people in such techniques. Also, the cost of this form of weight loss is generally less expensive than many other options, if in your particular case you do not require any additional methodology to achieve your goal. However, most people will require one or more other supplemental techniques in order to be successful, such as exercise and nutritional counseling. For those who want a quick fix, additional options are available but are much more expensive such as Bariatric weight loss, which we discuss in detail in one of our associated articles.

If you are concerned about the training and experience of the practitioner, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners is perhaps the most relied upon organization that certifies hypnotists and hypnotherapists as well as accredits hypnotherapy schools. There are a number of other organizations that provide certification, based on the type(s) on hypnotism the practitioner is involved in. One such organization, the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, was instituted in the 1990s in order to provide standards for the hypnosis industry, has developed a certification process for practitioners. The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists describes itself as “an educational, scientific, and professional organization dedicated to professionalizing hypnotherapy. Promote public and professional awareness of the benefits of hypnotherapy and Promote scientific investigation into the uses of hypnotherapy.” Therefore, it is advisable to ask anyone you are considering purchasing training materials from or undergoing direct self-hypnosis training whether they have been certified by a noted organization, or if they were trained at an accredited school.

It should be noted that certification alone is not necessarily the only indication that a practitioner is capable or indeed suitable for you. Just like other professional fields the practitioners’ “Bed Side Manner” so to speak is important and perhaps all the more important when it comes to hypnosis training as relaxation is the main component. Since most self-hypnosis training is not done on a one on one basis but via videos or audio training, the style of the practitioner would not be as important.

To summarize, before you select a self-hypnosis practitioner or purchase self-hypnosis training materials, get answers to your questions. It may be that other weight loss alternatives, such as Surgical Weight Loss, may be best for you depending on your budget, how quickly you need to lose weight, and exercise and nutritional needs. Appetite Suppression has been gaining favor over the last few years, which we provide additional information on as one alternative to Self Hypnosis Weight Loss.

We searched the web and located what we believe are the best sources for learning self-hypnosis to save you the time and effort. On one page find out all you need to know. We also suggest reviewing our site which provides additional information about self-hypnosis and weight loss.

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